View Full Version : Want to buy some Rikschas from type Velotaxi

09-02-2005, 00:13
I want to buy some Rikschas from type Velotaxi!

please send all of your requestions via www.perpedalo.de (http://www.perpedalo.de)

thank you very much
dear Johannes Wittig from Germany Cologne.

06-06-2005, 12:11
i would like to purchase some 20 pieces of this bike, can someone help me too to let me know who produces this type of bike?


06-06-2005, 12:19
Source: www.trixi.com (http://www.trixi.com%20)

The manufacturer is Velotaxi www.velotaxi.com (http://www.velotaxi.com) - the distribution is handeld by Veloform www.veloform.com (http://www.veloform.com)

Veloform GmbH provides services regarding the development, production and distribution of environmentally friendly products, vehicles and their components. The company produces the CityCruiser I, the attractive, motorized tricycle which is operated successfully in city centres around the world. A "second-hand-market" does not exist....Few sales in the last year of used Velotaxis.

Please check our DIRECTORY (http://%0Ahttp://pedicabforum.com/k-links/rickshaw-pedicab/manufacturers%20)for further information

http://pedicabforum.com/k-links/rickshaw-pedicab/manufacturers (http://%0Ahttp://pedicabforum.com/k-links/rickshaw-pedicab/manufacturers%20)