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28-06-2005, 05:43

I am looking for 1 or 2 Main Street Pedicabs for sale

new or use with good deal

soon as possible

this is my first abonnement in this web

please send me response as soon as you can at : mrf3ny@hotmail.com.
I appreciate your help.

thank you.

30-06-2005, 09:32
mdbe4@sbcglobal.net have 4 in st louis 636-938-7733

07-10-2009, 13:25
hello together, I am a 23 years old economic student and very interested in ecological economics projects.are there any further developments in this area? thanks and keep going:)

11-11-2009, 15:16
We have now 5 Main Street Classic Pedicab for sale. Very good condition,2years old,renewed drive parts(parts are shimano alivio).seat belts,optional canopy, 12 volt LED turn signals,running and brake lights,12V battery, but body got scratches .

mike wheelhouse
01-07-2010, 15:52
Hi, do you have any prices/pictures you can send - mike@mudguardmedia.com



05-07-2010, 12:17
Hi, please remember this is an international web forum, so make sure you indicate you're location if buying or selling :), as the cost of buying a pedicab might be out weighed by the shipping cost :)