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10-08-2005, 21:26
Rare 1920's Richshaws Best Offer or Priceless

These Rickshaws came over on a boat from Taipei Taiwan in the late 20's early 30's.

The Pedicab Rickshaw is all original from the tires to the light bulb that have Asian writing on it.

The Motorized Richshaw Engine was replaced some time in the 70's and has had the clutch replaced other then that it is the same as above.

To Veiw Pictures: http://www.trixmfg.com/gallery/ricshaws/index.htm

Bolth in Great working condition.
Even the original light bulbs and wheel generators work.

http://pedicabforum.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif Reply Or Call For More Info: 630-860-TRIX
http://www.trixmfg.com/gallery/ricshaws/images/shaw%204.jpghttp://www.trixmfg.com/gallery/ricshaws/images/shaw%20plate%202.jpg (http://www.trixmfg.com/gallery/ricshaws/index.htm)

26-08-2005, 17:36
This rickshaw looks fantastic!

28-08-2005, 09:41
Hi yes during my stay in Taiwan I saw a few of these types of trikes. They were mostly used by older males. Maybe 70 years an older. No really the older crowd really still uses them daily. They used them for anything from hauling veggies, to mobile juice bars, to mobile vending shops on 3 wheels. The design seemed rock solid and heavy but seems to have a following.

When in Taiwan I was shocked to see how many motor sccoters there were on the road. Almost no one ride bicycle. You would think in a country that makes the most and best bikes parts would have many bikes on the road but not so. Even in the counrty sides you see those 2 stroke scooters...

By the way Trixmfg. I got to say I love the website It has to be the most entertaining website I have seen all year. No really. Who else has a wild head popping up at you. Keep it up...

13-07-2006, 19:04
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