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03-02-2006, 12:07
i have a series of designs and prototypes (i can e-mail cadd drawings) and a high profile stage and lighting metal fab. tech to assemble my trikes, producing a show quality finish, and custom airbrushed decals for added effects.....cabs can be made in chromoly, aluminum, or titanium, and feature a high strength axle/bearing housing system, producing a smooth drivetrain and rigid frame to maneuver....24 speeds with optional: !!prototype!! perpetual drive electric motor, lit awning, and stereo/cd with speakers, included are dual rear disk brakes, turn signals, headlight and brake lights, diamond plated floors and storage area under seat, custom hub and bearing designs from leading manufacturers in the racing bearing field....this is the trike of the future and is engineered for the long ride with a heavy load!!!!!
call me for serious manufacturing inquiries only...thanks for the support...
Quicksilver -480-968-7828

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06-02-2006, 02:23
You got any cad pics to post, could help with your sales & get all us friendly folks a look at the future.