View Full Version : Where can I get several trixies?? (not the usual pedicabs)

15-09-2006, 18:12
Hi everyone, I am looking for several trixies.....not the usual pedicabs, I need those that appear in trixi.com.
I cannot find anything like them on the net, just regular pedicabs.
Please if anyone knows where to get them that would be very helpful !!! :)


15-09-2006, 18:21

you mean this one, right: http://pedicabforum.com/logo/adnowgif.gif (http://www.trixi.com)

There is a big demand on second hand pedicabs and just few offers...

Here our "standard answer":
Thank you for your interest in our pedicabs at Trixi.com.
The manufacturer of the "CityCruiser I" is: www.veloform.com (http://www.veloform.com/)

Contact details
Veloform GmbH
Saarbrücker Strasse 36a
10405 Berlin

tel +49 (0)30 47 37 39 43
fax +49 (0)30 47 37 39 48
mob. +49 (0)151 12 22 12 89
info@veloform.com (info@veloform.com)
www.veloform.com (http://www.veloform.com/)

Check also the page of Velotaxi.com (http://www.velotaxi.com).