View Full Version : Again please accept my appoliges

26-10-2006, 20:36
I want to publicly apologize to the readers of this forum for
unintentionally criticizing a pedicab manufacturer. However, I feel that
engaging in public criticism as a means of promoting or selling a particular
brand, is unprofessional and diminishes creditability of those who
participate. Those on this forum should uphold a higher standard. Each
manufacturer must stand on it's own merits, price, durability, history and
customer support. Cautious business owners should explore all options and
make a wise decision based on what best fits their needs.

As a consultant, not paid by any manufacturer, I gather information from
various sources and try to be fair and accurate. I have corrected some
numbers in my previous post to present a more fair comparison (i.e. apples
to apples).

http://www.pedicabforum.com/forums/...dicab-655.html (http://www.pedicabforum.com/forums/showthread.php/intelligent-business-decision-mainstreet-pedicab-655.html)

I have talked with owners, operators and drivers of all
different brands and styles of pedicabs and have my own opinions, as do
they. If you decide to consult with my company, I will present the options
along with my opinions based on my experience as a businessman, operator,
driver and mechanic. It's up to you to form your own opinion from the
information you gather from all sources, including this forum.

Again please accept my appoliges