View Full Version : A Few New Maximi Available in NYC

19-11-2006, 04:43
Hi. Revolution Rickshaws has a few new Cycles Maximus pedicabs still available from the latest container received by us earlier this week. We have silver, yellow, and one red frames still available. $5645 per Maximus pedicab. 5% discount for purchase of 3-4 Maximi, 7.5% discount for 5-9 Maximi, 10% discount for 10-14 Maximi, and 12.5% discount for 15 or more Maximi. We also offer hard top and soft top cargo bodies and large adtrike bodies and selfbuild bodies for sale, as the bodies are easily interchangeable on the Maximus chassis. Visit our storefront when you're in NYC to learn more, if it pleases you. Cheers!
Revolution Rickshaws, L.L.C.
454 Ninth Avenue
NY, NY 10018