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Thread: Want to purchase 5-10 Rickshaws

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    Bikecab the carts I am thinking of are aluminieum with a blue rope on tarp type thing.

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    Talking My Rickshaws don't have rope tops

    My Rickshaws definitely do NOT have rope tops! They are metal piping framed.

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    If anyone looks for pedicabs for less then 1,000$ or 1,000€ than find me on +36309515916 or I'm selling 3 for 2,610$ or 2,140€ (today's [27/6/2005] exchange [mid]) or 550,000HUF + VAT.
    You do not have to wait till the end of this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickshaw92
    Well if anyone is looking for cheap rickshaws, there might be a sale at the end of this season in Toronto, hurry up and get em befor the Toronto runners throw the rickshaws into the lake, possably with one of the company owners chained to the rickshaws.

    Oh and Piodrf, if you are thinking of having running rickshaws in London think again, this was tried in 1989 / 99 and they did not quite take off, that said the owner was a crack head and was trying to run things from Toronto. That said, you might find a good deal on rickshaws at the NCP just off Wardor st. That is if the old Becks carts are still there

    Bikecab I hope you did not pay too much for those carts, if there the ones I am thinking of, there crap.

    My name is Robert and I was the 'crack head' trying to run my Rickshaws from Toronto in London. Mostly, you are ignorant. I started in Toronto. I then attended Law School in Dublin and brought the Rickshaw industry to Europe in 1996. Between the hits on my pipe I managed to figure this out to expand to Scotland and England with a multinational corporation. I lived in Europe for many years but eventually had to return home and consider other markets. As I am sure you are aware and I discovered, the UK has many limitations. I created the markets you work in. Get a grip.


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    go to the website. our bikes are better than the mainstreets. the other company in town uses mainstreets, and we make more money. (Note: our company is run by mechanics, not website designers. the new website is in the works.)

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    Wow. I just got told off by a crack head.

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    Talking A pedicab 'bitch fest'

    Mmmm, firstly Robert - are you talking about Pedicabs or the hand pulled beasts from toronto around the west end in london. I was quite sure that pedicabs got off the ground between Bugbugs & Simon Lang.

    Secondly - I'd like to know what makes the charlton better then a mainstreet, as I've seen a mainstreet but never had the pleasure of the charlton (or cyclestone). Hence a sceptic to some of this 'I make mo money, see my wad!'

    Thirdly - If your gona fight, can I watch?

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    Hand pulled beasts from Toronto? They were only beasts when there were 4 or 5 football fans in the back The design was a T.O. based design however they must have been locally made or brought over from Dublin when things there went sour. The steel used to make them was not as strong as the steel used in T.O. as the bars bent with more than a few people in.

    As to fighting? Robert knows better. Keep an eye on your inbox for a torrent of slanderous remarks about me

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