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Thread: On WABC Radio, Mayor Bloomberg Announces he'll veto bill

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    Exclamation On WABC Radio, Mayor Bloomberg Announces he'll veto bill


    Great news: on WABC radio program, the mayor said he plans to veto pedicab bill.
    Here is link:

    Mar 30, 11:41 AM EDT
    Bloomberg: I'll veto pedicab bill

    "NEW YORK (AP) -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday he'll veto a proposed bill that would limit the number of bicycle taxis allowed on city streets to 325 because he disagrees with capping a service popular with the public.

    However, the mayor also said he may be amenable to a revised version that simply raised the cap on the vehicles, known as pedicabs. He suggested 500 as a limit.

    Bloomberg had supported the pedicab regulation measure as it moved through the City Council. But during a bill signing ceremony on March 14, he postponed his decision after hearing arguments from a group of pedicab drivers who said the proposal would cost them their jobs.

    "Let the free marketplace decide," Bloomberg said Friday during his weekly radio show on WABC.

    Stu Loeser, a spokesman for the mayor, said that Bloomberg did favor the bill's measures that called for basic safety and insurance regulations for pedicabs.

    The mayor acknowledged it's likely the City Council could override the veto, but urged citizens to lobby for a cap removal or one that's higher.

    The City Council media relations office said it would issue a statement later Friday, which was the last day the mayor could sign or veto the bill before it automatically became law.

    Loeser said Bloomberg would issue the veto later in the day.

    An estimated 300 to 400 pedicabs are on city streets. The vehicles, which are popular among tourists, look like large tricycles attached to passenger carriages."

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    Default NYC Pedicab Owners' Association Issues Press Release

    CONTACT:Chad Marlow: (212) 277-6350 [W]; (646) 279-4481 [C]

    Pedicab Owners Association Praises Mayor Bloomberg’s
    Decision To Veto The Pedicab Regulation Bill

    Veto Hailed As A Courageous Defiance Of Powerful
    Special Interests Taken For The Benefit of All New Yorkers

    New York, New York – March 30, 2007: Today, in what New York City Pedicab Owners Association (NYCPOA) President Peter Meitzler called “not just a victory for the pedicab industry, but for all entrepreneurs who want a fair shot at establishing and growing a small business in New York,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed a City Council regulation bill.

    The pedicab regulation bill was largely understood to be a gift to special interests who were seeking to squash the burgeoning pedicab industry.

    In calling upon the City Council to vote to uphold the Mayor’s veto, Chad Marlow, President of The Public Advocacy Group LLC, the NYCPOA’s lobbyist, said “the Mayor has provided all of us with a rare but welcome opportunity to right a wrong our city narrowly avoided making. By voting to uphold the Mayor’s veto, the members of the City Council will acknowledge that, if given a second chance, we can write a better, fairer pedicab regulation bill – one that clearly has the best interests of all New Yorkers in mind.”

    While many elements of the vetoed bill are worthy of re-examination and re-drafting, the bill’s crushing limitations on the number of pedicabs in the city, its first-in-the-nation ban on safety enhancing electric assist power, and the illegally broad powers extended to the NYPD only after public hearings on the bill had concluded lead NYCPOA’s list of necessary revisions. Marlow confirmed that, on February 22, 2007, a few days prior to the City Council’s vote on the now vetoed bill, the NYCPOA sent a memorandum to the leaders of the City Council suggesting “several very reasonable and minor changes” that were “aimed at making the bill minimally equitable.”

    Although the bill’s original sponsor, Alan Gerson, took an active role in promoting the February 22nd memorandum’s changes, Marlow explained, “they were rejected with such swiftness and uniformity that it seems unlikely they were even considered.” In fact, Gerson took the unusually step of withdrawing his sponsorship from his own bill in response to those across-the-board rejections.

    The pedicab industry is hopeful that, after the Mayor’s veto is upheld, its February 22nd suggestions on how to improve the bill will at long last be taken seriously. “All we ever wanted was to have our concerns afforded the same weight as those of the hotel, theater and taxi industries, who successfully hijacked the bill the last time around,” NYCPOA Vice-President Gregg Zukowski observed. “Perhaps now our concerns will finally be given a reasonable hearing.” Marlow agreed adding, “it is a shame, but some members of the Council were willing to completely ignore the pedicab industry’s concerns because we were up against too many wealthy, powerful and politically advantageous special interests.

    But sometimes, especially when you have a Mayor like Michael Bloomberg, just and equitable arguments can prevail on their merits alone.” Asked to comment on those who gave the pedicab industry little chance at waging a successful campaign against the Council’s highly flawed pedicab legislation, Marlow responded, “I guess the expression holds true: ‘it not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters.’ Hopefully that encouraging lesson will not fade from governmental memories anytime soon.”

    The NYCPOA confirmed it has already started its lobbying efforts to uphold the mayor’s veto and will be re-distributing its February 22nd memorandum to all the members of the Council early next week.For more information:

    Peter Meitzler
    NYCPOA - New York City
    Pedicab Owners Association

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