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Thread: Homemade bamboo ricksaw?

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    Default Homemade bamboo ricksaw?

    A guy came into my work a while ago buying a large amount of bamboo poles. I asked him what he was making and he told me he was making a rickshaw to attach to his bicycle. I loved the idea, took a look at his plans, and vowed to find them since he said he found them online. I have spent waaaay too much time searching for a design plan and have found nothing... I'm wondering if anyone has/knows of a plan for a bamboo rickshaw?

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    Default Bamboo rickshaw, why not.

    Quote Originally Posted by llillith View Post
    A guy came into my work a while ago buying a large amount of bamboo poles. I asked him what he was making and he told me he was making a rickshaw to attach to his bicycle. I loved the idea, took a look at his plans, and vowed to find them since he said he found them online. I have spent waaaay too much time searching for a design plan and have found nothing... I'm wondering if anyone has/knows of a plan for a bamboo rickshaw?
    You'll find a bamboo bike at
    According to the author, the most difficult part of building the frame was to fin quality bamboo rods.
    He used carbon composite joints, see :
    The shape of a bamboo rickshaw could similar to a metal one with strait tubes, but I think mechanical properties of bamboo are not so well known, and depends of samples, tests need to be done.
    The university of Aachen in Germany proposes samples of construction techniques and documentation of bamboo's mechanical properties:

    Good luck

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    Thumbs up This page may be what he looked at Home. Products. Info. Reviews. Dealers. Gallery. About. Blog. Links

    introduction- get plans- help us- background story- construction details- links
    Bamboo bicycle Trailer

    Bamboo bicycle trailer
    Build this DIY bicycle trailer from our free plans.
    There is no welding to be done, and no tube bending.
    Make it any size, from any material, even bamboo. Need A bicycle trailer will allow bikes to tow up to 250kg. Yet people who need a bicycle trailer the most have the least capacity to build or buy one.

    Our solution Our Bamboo bicycle trailer plans allow anyone to build a trailer out of practically anything with hardly any tools for free. The bicycle trailer helps bikes to do a more useful job; from acting as ambulances to carrying food to market. This is Carry Freedom for everyone.

    Construction These free plans allow a builder to make a simple bicycle trailer from recycled materials, with pinned joints, and no bending or welding. Whether its made from titanium or bamboo, this is a stiff light bicycle trailer. It can be varied it in width length and strength, and even made to fold.

    Motive This non-profit project extends Carry Freedom to everyone. We distribute plans to the 3rd world through charities such as World Bicycle Relief. You can help by building trailer s, suggesting improvements, and spreading the idea to those who need it the most.
    Get Plans. top The plans are free to anyone that wants them, but.
    If we email you plans, will you:

    1.Tell us what you are using the bicycle trailer for
    2.Send us photos of the bicycle trailer you build
    3.Tell us how to improve the instructions or the trailer
    4.Accept that we might post your email on our blog

    Phone +44 1560 600 369
    Skype n_lobnitz
    I can help. top This project exists thanks to the quiet dedication of many people investing a small part of their own time money or skill. If you feel you can help in any way, then we will gratefully accept. For example you could:
    • Teach others to build the trailer
    • Create better ways of making the bicycle trailer
    • Email us pictures of your trailer
    • Link to this web page
    • Use the bicycle trailer you build
    • Use your skill or talent to bump the project along
    • Bore people at parties about bamboo
    The bamboo story. top The spark In 2004 when Carry Freedom launched their Y-Frame bicycle trailer into the UK market a journalist called Cass Gilbert reviewed it. Cass liked it so much he took it with him when his low impact tour company, Out There Biking, went to the Himalayas's later that year. Cass left the Y-Frame in one village for a few weeks, and it was a great hit, carrying sacks of rice between that village and the next. But while the villagers valued the bicycle trailer, they could not copy it.

    First Steps This problem inspired Carry Freedom to start developing a bicycle trailer that would be suitable for building in the 3rd world. The design we produced is very simple, very adaptable, and very easy to copy. Its structure also has one of the best strength to weight ratios of any bicycle carrying product, for a given material.

    Concept to reality This design would have sat on a shelf but for, Aaron Wieler, who teaches a class on Appropriate Technology Design at Hampshire College. He approached us for advice on hitch design for his own bicycle trailer plan project, which he had been developing. He opened our eyes to the potential of the Bamboo Bicycle Trailer. We researched the subject more deeply and felt that the trailer we had developed was worth offering as it was simple strong and adaptable. Furthermore we realised there is a huge need for cheap simple goods transport that could be adapted to local loads.

    Raising awareness To raise the profile of our work, and bring other people on board, we produced a prototype and published the results in Velovision, a cycling magazine. USED GmbH, Carry Freedoms European importer have been instrumental in promoting and publicising the design, and raising the general publics awareness of its potential.

    The Launch USED arranged for a special display and press launch of the bicycle trailer at the IFMA bike show in Koln in September 2005. This press launch brought the trailer in front of the general public. Furthermore from this display we had the opportunity to speak with Stan Day the CEO of SRAM, who put us in contact with his brother F.K Day who set up World Bicycle Relief.

    Now This project gathers pace and momentum. World Bicycle Relief are looking at putting a set of plans with each bicycle they donate to a Village. Bob Giddens CEO of USED continues to put considerable effort into promoting awareness of the bicycle trailer within Germany. Nick Lobnitz MD of Carry Freedom devotes time to developing the plans, and maintaining this website. You the builders and users of the Bamboo trailer continue to spread the word, and develop the bicycle trailer.
    Construction Details. top

    This is a brief description of how to build a bamboo bicycle trailer. Email us to get the complete instructions. Materials You'll need eight lengths of material capable of withstanding bending and compression, tubing or angle iron are ideal. You also need eight "spokes" that are good at taking tension. These could be wire, chain, or steel strip. Exoticists could use Titanium tubes and Kevlar rope. Two wheels from a donor bike are also needed.

    Basic Layout Seven tubes are pinned or bound together where they cross to create the basic frame shape that looks like a 6. This structure can distort like a parallelogram, or warp like a sheet of paper.

    The Revolutionary Bit With the addition of the eight spokes and the last tube this floppy structure transforms into a stiff light structure reminiscent of a square bicycle wheel. Imagine the square load area as the rim of a wheel, with 8 spokes connecting from its corners to a central hub. Truing these controls how square and flat the trailer frame is. The arrangement can be dished to make it flatter on the load side than the underside. Four spokes stops the structure from parallelograming while the addition of another four and the hub stops the frame warping. The top set of spokes could be replaced by a plywood/metal sheet, that forms a load bed.

    Fitting the wheels The wheels are supported from each side by brackets attached to the four frame tubes running front to back. These brackets are fitted so they have flat plates facing parallel to each other with slots cut in for the axle stubs. Each wheel is supported by a vertical slot and a horizontal slot allowing the ability to adjust the wheels so they both are pointing in the same direction and not touching the frame.

    Hitch This bicycle trailer hitches to the bike at the bikes left hand rear axle stub. This is the most efficient, and the strongest place to hitch a bicycle trailer. (See Carry Freedoms Bicycle trailer science Pdf (116Kb) for an exploration).

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    That is impressive. One for the bookmarks if I ever end up in the woods with my loved ones! Live in my treehouse and cycle to town with the kids in back of my bamboo rickshaw

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