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Thread: About pedicab/velo taxi

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    Default About pedicab/velo taxi

    Dear Pedicab LOVERS
    My name Isan from Indonesia, South East Asia.
    I interested with your product of three wheel pedicab using electric assist. I want to use them as human transport for tourism, and I think pedicab can provide that.
    In here there are some vehicle like pedicab, three wheel, but energy resourse only from human by push the pedal, no electrical assist so it feel very heavy.

    But first i want to know about this pedicab.

    1. for the first move, pedicab driver needs to push the pedal first, doesn't he ? So, how's the hub motor run ? Is there a sensor on pedal as an input for hub motor to run?

    2. If there's a sensor, on how many rpm of pedal so the hub motor will run for the first time ?

    3. i'm sure you have done testment on this pedicab, may i know the relation between "rotation of pedal" and "rotation of motor hub", i appriciated if you also give me the grafic of this relationship. Because it will be dangerous (i think) if the respon of hub motor is too slow or too fast.

    4. When the motor's run do we need to push pedal? if there a sensor on pedal, We need to maintain the hub motor keep on, am i right? How minimum rpm of pedal axle to maintain the hub motor on.

    5. In upward position, what maximum angle pedicab can move ? Does it has hand brake, in case the driver stop in upward position ?
    Maybe that's it for now. I'll i ask you more if i need another explaination.
    Please reply me. I realy interest with this product.

    Thank You

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    Default u want to know too much


    u really want to know too much. But I tell u answers 4 ur questions.

    1. u need to do at least one move on the crank to make the engine running. there is ea sensor on the crank that suuports the engine. if u don't pedal u don't have a motor running.

    so as u see it's not 4 the lazy riders. u must pedal cuntinusly to have a assist from the engine, it does not matter if u pedal fast or not but u always have to pedal.

    electric assist in velotaxi is necessarry because of the weight of the vehicle and the rider's geometry ( pushing cranks only). u would die riding ecotaxi without engine.

    max angle u can do. not very much but it's enough to climb little hills.



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    Electric assist is for wimps.

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    Thank's Yendrek3 and You All,

    I have another question for u :

    On how many rpm of pedal :
    1. to run the motor hub ?
    2. to maintain the motor still running, not off ?
    Do tou have some data about the relation "hubmotor rpm" and "pedal rpm", may be grafic or other ?
    I am interested to use pedicab in tourism area here, the sponsor and tourism have agree. And maybe we can do the business, all of you.

    So before I go deeper, i must know abaout that question first.
    Yes i know if there's no power assist the driver will has some difficulty to pushed pedal. We has this kind of vehicle (3 wheel, max 3 persons) whitout power assist, it's our traditional vehicle, we call it becak.
    The driver push the pedal extrimly, using the weight of body.
    That's why i am interested in pedicab using power assist.

    Thanks All

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    Default Electric or not

    You might need to look at the design of your pedicab/peddle rickshaw, as it sounds like you do not have any gearing. A good pedicab should not need an electric assist, just good gears & brakes, be light & spacious for passengers.

    Electric assist adds all sorts of other issues such as cost, weight, maintenance, wearing, speed-danger, waste (what you'll do with the old batteries once they finish), what amp per hour, how they are looked after.....

    Just give me a light, well geared, big wheel pedicab with soft seats & canopy

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