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    hi every one on sunday 19 August at 10 pm a yellow Maximus pedicab was stolen from soho..old compton street...chasis number its 179 and it has a new body any information contact helver tel 07717742838

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    Sorry to hear about What happen to your pedicab. How did it happen. Did they take it from you while you were still on it. Or did you step away for a moment?

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    Yes, how did it happen? We could all learn from others mistakes, if there was one? I once had my pedicab attempted to ride off, it was locked by a bandanna tied to a parking meter, but the scoundrels (drunk) were spotted by a waitress, who told us there were people on out cabs. The girls were in the back, the guys were trying to untie the bandanna. "foiled again"

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