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Thread: Rickshaws loved and loathed in UK

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    Default Rickshaws loved and loathed in UK


    Rickshaws loved and loathed in UK

    Bicycle taxis are both a hit and a danger on the streets of London.

    Night time London.
    Hundreds of environmentally-friendly rickshaws take to the streets.
    This green alternative transport is hated by London's black cab drivers, but liked by tourists.
    Many of the hundreds of rickshaws that ply the streets belong to the Traditional Rickshaw Company -- run and owned by Poles.
    In fact -- it's taken just a handful of seasons for the Polish pedicab drivers to conquer the market. And the reason for that is passengers sit in front.

    SOUNDBITE: Tomasz Mysko, co-owner of "Traditional Rickshaw company"
    "In Poland since second war time (WW II), we traditionally had the rickshaws with the passengers at the front. We decided to do this and this was like a spot on idea."

    Since they were introduced in 1998 - its been a hard slog for the pedicab industry.
    Currently London rickshaws are unregulated.

    But there is an important High Court verdict on licensing coming soon.
    Chris Smallwood represents a competing pedicab company, Bugbugs and he is keen on effective regulation.
    SOUNDBITE: Chris Smallwood, "Bugbugs", saying (English):

    "Transport for London have looked at the various models of pedicab and they've decided very firmly that they will only allow pedicabs on the street where the passenger are behind the rider. Because they feel that with the passenger in the front of the rider they are extremely vulnerable and it makes the pedicab unsafe, so if there is some hard breaking, then the passenger will be tipped out and the rider will come out over the top."

    Also critical are the cabbies which took the rickshaw industry to court a few years ago over competition worries.

    SOUNDBITE: Denis Saunders, Black cab owner, saying (English):
    "Well the rickshaw drivers in London are causing mayhem. They are a danger to other road users, to passengers, I have actually seen a driving around a congested Hide Park corner, a rickshaw with a girl in the back with a new-born baby in her arms. There is no restraints. The London Taxi Driver Association crash tested a rickshaw and all three crash tests done has come out with multiple injuries and death."

    London's transport authority says the safety of rickshaws will be assessed once the High Court ruling on licensing is in place.

    Though this looks slow, given London's congested traffic -- travelling by rickshaw along some of the city's narrow streets could actually be a faster alternative.

    A popular rickshaw route is from Covent garden to Mayfair. That takes you approximately 15 minutes in a car, BUT in a rickshaw they say they make it in only ten.

    Next stop -- the United States for these Polish rickshaw-wallahs. The business is doing so well here in London that they want to expand to Las Vegas or maybe Southern Europe.



    Our company site:

    Other web sites:

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    Today I found same story on,28...adomosceu.html. It`s almost the same what said Tomasz Myszko.

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    Default fed up

    I'm already fed up with those poles from traditional rickshaws. I recentley read some articles from different sources about those guys. I don't understand what they are trying to do by that PR. I think it's a bunch of id... who do not show any responsbility in running this business.

    there is no lights on the bikes, bikes have one brake only, no training for the riders at all, all those bits it's a serious threat to this industry.

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    Thumbs up Lets ram a taxi with a Tank

    "The London Taxi Driver Association crash tested a rickshaw and all three crash tests done has come out with multiple injuries and death."

    It's not surprising if you use 1 ton of steel on wheels & run it into a pedestrian, cyclist or rickshaw that the 1 ton of steel gets off better BUT what happens if we get 5 tons of steel & ram it into 1 ton of steel (ie a Black Cab) & then use reverse to make sure..........?

    How much more energy is wasted when you need to move 1 ton of steel & 3 passengers, compaired to 70kg & 3 passengers & then add a driver to each (maybe a little extra for the fat cabby )

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