DCC starts issuing new
licences for rickshaws

Staff Correspondent The Dhaka City Corporation has started issuing fresh licenses for rickshaw and van owners taking back the old ones
The old licences are being replaced with new ones to check license forgery of rickshaws and vans plying the capital streets, a corporation official said.
The wheel tax division under Revenue Department of the corporation on August 15 started giving the new blue books to the rickshaw and van owners, the official said.
‘We have a target to issue 2,000 licenses a day and it will continue till October 12,’ said Syed Jahangir, deputy taxation officer at the wheel tax division.
To check use of fake licenses, the corporation has taken the initiative and it will help the law enforcing agency members to easily detect the forged licenses, Jahangir said. ‘On completion of the issuance of fresh licenses, previous licenses will be made invalid.’
According to the corporation, there are 79,616 legal rickshaws, 7,916 vans and 120 push carts, but at least three lakh unauthorised rickshaws, 50,000 vans and 20,000 push carts ply the city streets.