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Thread: Take care, bad english! --> my presentation.

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    Default Take care, bad english! --> my presentation.

    Hi everybody,

    on the first: My english is not good, if this is a problem for You, please don't read further!
    I lived arround five years in asia, that's doesn't help me ...
    If I read something in english or people talk to me, I unterstand well. If I speak, then I'm know the translation of the words - the correct tense I don't know ...

    Since august 2007 I'm read here in the forum, I think, in oktober I sign in and today this is my first posting.

    My name is Jan, I'm from a medium sized town in Thuringia/ Germany. I'm a bicycle-freak and owner of nine bikes different kind and use purpose. Bicycling is a big part of my life.

    Because I'm jobless (it is possible to get a job, a nothing, what I like), I think abbout a small pedicab-business in my town.
    I think, here are customers for a rikscha ride because here they can see a lot and the the town and history is famous f. e. the Wartburg castle, the composers Bach and Wagner, the writer Reuter, the reformer Luther, the Holy Elisabeth, part of the early car manufacturing history of germany, the student movement, the nearby hiking trail 'Rennsteig' or one of biggest international jazz archives.
    You can see in english:
    All year arrouns some festivals here.

    From the topography it is possible to make some different sightseeing tours. To go by rickshaw to the Wartburg castle or monument of the student fraternity is impossible, because they are on the top of 'hills'.
    More than 30 other POI for tourists are on the way of my planned big tour. Here is also a historical part of the town with a lot of classical buildings.
    Taxiservice is in three quarter of the town possible, one part is a 'mountain area'.

    I think, the news from my new service need some time to go arround, the first time after start will be hard.

    Two ways are possible: I work only from friday to sunday extra after other 'mainwork' to make the service well know. May be later I can live from the rickshaw money.

    Or (i choice this way ...) I try to get benefiz from the labour agency = the first nine months very good money + rickshaw money. In this time I have to make all important connections/ contracts f. e. with the tourist office or hotels.

    On the paper looks my calculation included cost like tax, insurances, rickshaw, spare parts and advertising with only 35% busy time of the full 'working time' very good ...
    The big question is: Will I have ennough customers for this 35%???

    That's my thinking before ...
    Actuelly I have to ask for some permissions (for the business, for driving in pedestrian area, for stand in front of railwaystation and marked place/ tourist office).

    In depence of the answer for benefiz I like start soon as possible with the biz.

    Advertising comes by myself, because I'm direct in touch with possible clients (talking/ flyers/ my own ads on rickshaw). I have a second rickshaw (original chinese) only for advertising on a main road out of town to highway/ other town direct in front of my garage. I have a small homepage:
    The tourist office (the main part of tourists go there for informations) here works for commission, after a contract I with them I have to pay (maybe 10 -15%?) for the sale of tours.

    One thing is, that I get no permisssion or not all needed permissions ...
    Than I like to do the business "black", means I offer (free) rides for tips ...

    Now it is time to make my body fit. I think before, I'm well trained. O.k., in winter I'm lazy because I don't like training in the fitness room to much. A f. e. four weeks before I come back from my last bicycle holidays (three weeks marroc), where I build up my body last.

    Then, on the first ride on my velocab-rickshaw only with my son in the back (only 2 x 2 km) I have on the return way problems with breathing and pushing the rickshaw on nearly plain level ...

    After thinking and checking the rickshaw later, the gear shifter don't work well. It's a 8 speed. If I think before, the biggest gear is in, it's the second, sometimes third. Then the ordinary dynamo for the light takes some power. If I push the rickshaw back, there is a noise from the brake pads. On the small tour there was also a very little noise.
    I think, the biggest mistake I make, I give full power because of cars behind me. The heart stroke and breathing goes fast, than the cold air (-5° C) ... I have to learn to save power. The customer, which want a ride, have the time to go slower!

    Now the temperature goes a little up and I have to check and fix the different possibilities of ways, where the power goes before.
    I think abbout to change the tooth wheel in front or back or together to get shorter gears/ transmission.
    Better I can start with gear 4 instead of 1 and I have 3 - 1 for the hills. Or are the standart transmission/ tooth wheels are the first choice, also in hill area???

    I hope, You unterstand, what I like say and You don't feel bored ...
    I hope to get Your ideas and advices to kill all my mistakes and hope, later I can report some positiv things!

    On the picture: No rickshaw, same heavy. On a icy/ muddy pist in marroc.

    Greetings from rainy Eisenach,
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    Hi everybody,

    on the first: My english is not good, if this is a problem for You, please don't read further!

    I try to delete my post... Not possible?

    My english is not good, I think, it is good enough to unterstand ... Or is the headline the problem?

    Normally, if new member post the first time, minimum they get a short "hello" and "welcome here".

    Here nobody, even the germanspeaking owner of this forum say hello ...

    Here are in the past more introducings without answer. May be in future everybody get welcome greetings ... ?

    Greetings to everybody! In the moment I try to start up my small business and fix my problems allone.
    May be I ask my questions again, then in the german part of the forum ...


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    Talking Well - HELLO

    I'm sure no problem with your english, mein is even worse .

    So at first a big hello, sadly we do all have other stuff happening in life and with lots of new stuff on the forum we kinda get side traked on the other parts of the forum. No offence ment.

    I'll now read through your original post, any extra bits I'll reply to in the talk,talk pages.

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    Smile Very warm welcome

    Hi Jan,

    also a very warm welcome from my side. Sorry for not having answered....we are all very busy sometimes. Your english is very good and I guess that there is no problem at all

    Thanky you for your very complete introduction. It's seems to be difficult to get the permits everywhere. BTW: Eisenach is a very interesting city.

    Nice photo from Marroc....I have been a week in Marakesh couple of weeks ago and we have been in the Atlas mountains....I was surprised to see snow in Marroco...find also a photo attached, but without bike

    I hope you will feel good in this forum! Read you soon - I have to leave now for a meeting.

    Salduos from Barcelona
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