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Yea, nice car replacment , we have in London quite a few now in private hands and I hope this trend will continue with more 2nd hand pedicabs comming onto the market.

I have had my own pedicab now for more then 2 years and they realy are great for nearly every thing from a shopping run, to getting the kids to school. I'm hoping that the electric assit issue will one day be legal here, as I could see quite a few mums & dads head off with the tribe in the back.

My latest project is to turn an old pedicab into a 'tear drop caravan' , which should give my older kids another thing to smile about.
I hope that project goes well, tdayuk! I've no idea if Electric Assist is allowed in Ireland or not, there are probably no regulations seeing as how there are practically no pedicabs. I've had a lot of requests from people where I live, asking how to get a pedicab, I always refer them to the Rickshawforum to look for secondhand models. Unfortunately I think most people want to get a pedicab for occasional fair-weather use, and expect to pick one up for the price of a second-hand kids' mountain bike. I try to explain that pedicabbing is basically a lifestyle choice, and you have to be fairly dedicated. I've seen family bikes online made by a company called Christiania, in Holland, that are reasonably priced and would suit a parent with up to three kids under 5; technically they're not actually pedicabs 'cos they have two wheels, the kids sit in front, low down, in what looks like a rowing-boat arrangement. Very clever. What's a "tear-drop caravan"? Is it the covered model that Trixi uses?