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  • I charge whatever I feel like at the moment.

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  • I give a rate and negotiate with the client before we start.

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  • I give a range of a normal tip and let the client decide.

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  • I let karma determine my tip.

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Thread: How to Charge for a ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIKXO_PT View Post
    Ok. Supose i'm the manager, i've a fleet and i want to know exactly how many trips were made and how long took each one. How I control that?
    I have an idea that I think would use much less expensive equipment than GPS:

    -equip all cabs with trip speedometers and a voice memo-taking device.
    -every time someone exits their cab, drivers make a memo of the pickup location, dropoff point, time, distance, fares collected, and any incidents that occurred.
    -manager collects memo devices regularly to compile and review data.

    I'm going to have to start doing this myself. As a driver I would be interested in my average distance, speed, fare, and so forth because those are questions my passengers ask me sometimes and it would be great to be able to tell them accurately. Maybe even mount the speedometer where passengers can read it! (I get to bomb down a lot of steep hills so it'd be fun to see what kind of top speeds we're hitting)

    Anyway, it would not take too much time away from a busy pedi-cabber to simply punch a few buttons on the recorder, and then a few on the speedometer and read off and recount the info for the last ride. Maybe 10 seconds between rides, and if the recorder is mounted on the handlebar, one could even get moving while in the process of logging data.

    I'm thinking too of the possibilities of leaving the recorder on whenever passengers are aboard, either for evidence in resolving claims or maybe for the more whimsical purpose of documenting "pedicab confessionals" that passengers might be willing to give...

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    Here in Honolulu, the regs say that drivers should charge $2 per minute or less.

    Sec. 12-5.9 Fares.
    (a) Time Charges. Unless reduced or waived by the pedicab operator pursuant to subsection (d), any driver, owner or operator of a pedicab shall charge $2 per minute for the use of a pedicab for purposes of hire per trip, regardless of the number of passengers on the trip. The fare shall be measured by a meter, approved by the director, calibrated to charge the current fare on a per-minute basis. The meter shall be reset at the beginning of each trip.
    (b) Posting of Fares. Signs indicating the current fare to be charged per minute shall be in English and Japanese and shall be posted and visible from within and from outside the cab. Information on the fare shall specify the charge per minute on a per-trip basis. Such signs shall also indicate a 24-hour telephone number to call for pedicab complaints. During all hours when vehicles are required to be lighted, the signs and the meter shall also be readily discernible to the passengers for hire. Signs posting the fares shall be printed in bold type letters and numerals not less than three-eighths of an inch in height, shall not be abbreviated and shall be approved by the director of finance before they are mounted on the pedicab.
    (c) Fares may only be charged for the use of the pedicab when actually occupied by the passenger for hire. No other charges shall be made for the use of a pedicab for hire.
    (d) The collection of any charge may, at the option of the pedicab operator, be reduced or waived.
    (e) At the end of a pedicab trip, the operator shall provide at least one passenger with a receipt that records the passenger's name, date of pedicab service, the number of minutes of the pedicab trip, the fare received, the name of the pedicab operator and the pedicab operator's number.
    (Sec. 12-5.9, R.O. 1978 (1983 Ed.); Am. Ord. 92-126, 94-11)
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    I have started using an iPhone app called Tuk Tuk!
    It works off GPS and is designed for motorized rickshaws in India.
    However, it's free, works really well, and is beautifuly simple.

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    Know your patch.

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    Know what you can get away with.
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