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    Default Hello First post and a question

    Hello from Florida, USA

    I am an E-6 in the special military, gone alot, but when home, the rule is: time for family.
    I get Mom and the kids outside as much as possible, doing oudoor activities such as kayaking, trips to the beach, hiking etc....and they love it! Because of my job, I must stay in top shape. I've done a fair amount of 5k-10k running events with kids in that baby jogger.

    May I ask the forum?

    Where would somone buy a used "running rickshaw" to use for endurance training, and get to pull the kids around the back 60 acres? I do not intend to start a buisness, just work out and spend time with the kids.

    I have been looking for a year or so on Ebay, Craigslist etc...
    I am probably not going to spend $1500-3700 on a new rickshaw, or take a hack saw to a pedicab....they are beautiful.

    Would it be a mistake to buy an Easy Entry metal horse cart off Ebay for around $450? Should I get the largest model with the biggest tires?
    ...or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Any other ideas would be appreciated!

    Good luck to everyone!

    Tim in Florida

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    Hi and welcome to this forum,

    I hope you will find, what you are looking for. In general I suggest to separte the introduction from the enquiry....let's say: Some words here - introducing yourselft and asking for a hand pulled rickshaw in the subforum like Buy & Sell or Talk, Talk, Talk....

    Have you contacted: - maybe they may help with a second hand rickshaw?

    All the best from Barcelona and feel home here!


    Our company site:

    Other web sites:

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    Lightbulb Welcome and don't forget

    we have a whole bunch of chat going back a few years and the 'it's cheap but is it good?' has come up alot ..... you get what you pay for and you pay as much, as you what you'll want to get

    It's not easy to ride some thing that's nasty and heavy and with just one gear, you might find that a good 2nd hand one will give you a much better buy.

    Good luck and good fortune

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