Council to consider pedicab regulations
Article Launched: 03/03/2008 12:37:33 AM PST

Tuesday night the Chico City Council will decide whether it wants to regulate pedicabs

After two significant collisions involving pedicabs, the City Council earlier directed Police Chief Bruce Hagerty to look into ways the city could regulate the bike taxis, including the possibility of requiring them to have liability insurance similar to taxis in the city.

But Hagerty said requiring liability insurance would be so expensive, it would likely put the pedicabs out of business.

He instead suggested the city regulate the pedicab bikes for safety issues, such as making sure the bikes have enough lighting, and regulate the drivers to their knowledge of the road.

That would likely involve a requirement that the cyclist has a driver's license and a permit.

The City Council's Internal Affairs subcommittee — minus one of its three councilors — did not reach a consensus, so a split vote will go before the City Council Vice Mayor Ann Schwab believes the city should regulate the pedicab equipment to make sure it's safe, rather than regulating the cyclists.

But City Councilor Tom Nickell said the city should require a pedicab driver to have a driver's license as well as a pedicab permit. Neither supported the idea of liability insurance.