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    Default how do i begin

    Hello there i'm thinking of starting up a rickshaw taxi in my local town and was looking for a few pointers.For example what sort of rickshaw is best to begin with,insurance,how much should i charge etc.Any help will be appreciated thank you.

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    Welcome to this forum. I hope you will feel good here.

    Some suggestion:

    Use the "introduction area" to introduce yourself. Tell us where you are, where are you planing to operate and so on.

    Please post questions in the "Talk, Talk, Talk - English" subforum.




    Our company site:

    Other web sites:

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    Default beginning together

    Thanks for writing your message. I'm in the same boat though different circumstances. I'm also interested in the idea of selling not so much the ride but offering a useful role for the rider. I am aware that a lot of the destructive youthful behaviour in our inner city area is done by youths who have problems with literacy and I am convinced that offering them a job that they could do would help.
    I'd be really interested in how you are getting on with your taxi business.

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