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Thread: Two Rickshaws for Sale in London

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    Default Two Rickshaws for Sale in London

    Two rickshaws for sale, in very good condition (only 7 months old) . It comes with an electric assist engine (Optional) which assist in pedaling, so no need to pedal hard!
    This Rickshaw is a fun way to market your companies events, to carry your customers around the show, deliver your Pizzas or Shopping, take your children around the park, ferry your party goers from the car park to the dance tent.......

    The rickshaw come complete with:
    X 1 Battery for lights
    X 4 New seat cushions base and rear.
    X 2 Waterproof hoods
    X 2 Zip on covers ( attach to hood so fully covered from the elements.)
    X 1 Baterry Charger
    X 1 Front Hub Electric motor (250W/24V)
    X 2 Batteries of 34 AH for electric motor system.
    * Disk Brakes
    * 21 gears ( shimano )
    * Rear drum brake
    * Right and left indicators
    * Brake light
    * Hoods can be removed
    * Under Seat Storage compartment
    * Gel seat sadle for driver.
    * seat belts for both passengers

    Price without electric system: £1300 or £1600 with electric system

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    Pictures please and what make are they?

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    Post Oh boy ......

    Did you fix the broken step & won't the motor just rip the neck off the front?!

    Just don't forget that this is still not a legal model in the UK market with the electric assist!! I seam to remember that this is from the same company as the cyclestone (I just love the way this cycle = stone).

    Still, maybe a good bike if not used as a taxi, just the price does not reflect, it realy did not get any bids on ebay .....

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    Default Not for me

    As far as I know, they are produced in Turkey, very heavy bikes!!!
    Big time, part problem, you need to buy some parts from Turkey. Not practical at all...
    Sorry but I wouldnt touch them.

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