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Thread: Greetings from Switzerland

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    We moved to Switzerland for work reasons from the USA a few years back, and have been happily living without a car ever since. However, my parents are getting old, and want to visit. While I have a drivers license, and car-share (mobility) and car rentals are possible, I'm looking for solutions to move them around from the house to the tram and train stations, so a velocab/taxi/rikscha seems to make sense.

    I'm currently investigating the possibilities, so have joined this forum. It would soley be for community (within Gemeinde) traffic, for personal use, so I'm interested in the machines themselves, as well as regulations about use (parking, driving, etc) in the tri-country region around Basel.

    Any information welcome! (esp regarding the Swiss regulations, which are not really clear to me yet).

    (I'm also looking at alternative multi-rider human powered vehicles, i.e. the conference bike and the defunct ZEM).


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    We nearly had a booking in the land but they had more issues with pedicabs then westminster (our arche foe ) any way good to know your going away from a car, these beast are much better as they just weigh 80kg or around this and can move 4 people (inc you) vs a car which weighs 500kg minimum & moves 4 or 5 .....PS the bike has hardly any running costs - so totally a good choice!!!!

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