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Thread: Chinese Made Pedicabs - Friend or Foe?

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    Default Chinese Made Pedicabs - Friend or Foe?

    I am looking to buy my first pedicab and am thinking about one of these fromfrom China. Specs are: 90cm wider seat for 2 person, steel frame, double-wall fibreglass passenger carriage, sealed canopy, 26"x1.95 tires, alloy rim, stainless steel spoke, alloy handle bar, ring, alloy crank and pedal, alloy V brake, alloy hub, SHIMANO grip gear shifter, 21 speed, front V brake, rear hydraulic disc brake, brake and turning lights, overall dimension 260x135x175cm.

    It's a fraction of the cost of most pedicabs I have seen (even with the shipping cost to Australia), and being on a tight budget, the option to spend more on a better model is not one available to me.

    I have seen this same model being used what seems successfully by riders overseas and would specifically like to hear from anyone who has seen one of these in real life or even been on one, rather than naysayers with the "it's Chinese so it must be crap" angle. Mind you, I would greatly appreciate any opinions offered.

    Thanks all

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    Looks like a fake Mainstreet to me. Do your self a favour and buy a Western made rickshaw, you may save a few bob in the short term buying cheap Chinese, Polish, and Turkish made knock offs but thats what your getting, A knock off. Spend the extra cash and buy somthing nice.

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    Wink Swiss army knife from china ..... any one?!

    Yes, just about the same reason not to buy a knocked off pedicab for a business.

    Another way to look at it is, if they have to make a cheap product how do they make the savings? Cheap labor, cheap parts & poor quality BUT in the future I can see a more expensive model but also better quality (sadly nothing being made like that yet).

    Even cheap bikes in the west have the same level of poor quality or inexperience, so buy as good as you can afford or pay the price throughout your working year.

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    the lads r right,i know because i did it,it wont work,i learned the hard way so
    i am exactly the man to ask.

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    Hi Dave, I have a Chinese-made rickshaw bike, it´s a lot less spec than the one you´re considering buying, it´s basically a steel frame job with cheap nasty parts that I´ve had to replace bit-by-bit over the last year. That said, it cost me 900 euro, it does exactly the job I want it to do (transporting me and 3 kids about 4km to school each day and back), and I´d strongly recommend it. I´d like to replace it with something lighter, but the cheapest I can find is 5,000 euro, and these are too wide anyway for the cycle lanes in my neighbourhood. I think the pedicab you´re considering buying looks fine, I´d love to be able to buy it! So tell me...where is it on sale? Will they ship to Ireland? And before I offend anyone, I stress that I don´t use my pedicab for business purposes, and spend maximum 2 hours per day riding it. I concede that if I had to ride it for 8 hours a day, and depend on fares for a living, I´d want something better.
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