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Thread: Chasis Needed

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    Wink Affordable frames

    Quote Originally Posted by perrymsb View Post
    tdayuk im based in London UK.

    'I'm trying to make some adbikes on a very small budget from my savings.'

    'I just need them local and affordable'.
    All bikes/trike/quads are affordable but the more you spend on good parts the longer it will last, so be tempted to go for as much as you can afford or wait a bit longer or get less.

    Still, just out of interest for the forum we should start with what is the balance point of cash to quality?
    If a pedicab new is £560 but utter crap another
    one at £1200 but working like a pig any better?

    What of the one that is a budget option but not popular at £1800
    or better still £2700 & working well?
    Finally a tried & tested product that comes in between £3200 to £5500, lasts many years & still sells at around a quarter of the original price.

    Give me a view

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    Default Frames for sale.

    Hi, I have at least two bikes that I will not be needing in the near future so I would be happy to sell them. I was hoping to get £ 1200 for the bikes with Pedicab seats. I would let them go cheaper if you only wanted the frames. They are Brox design ( known as Canteburry trickes or London Pedicabs ) very strong and ideal for converting into ad bikes. Rob Brox still uses this design in new ad bikes that he is having built today. The pedicab bikes can be seen at or you can call me on 07858 158 148. The bikes could be transported by train for you to collect in London. Any questions please ask. Paul

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