Sunday, August 24, 2008

Picking up Trash with Pedicabs

Of all the things happening during the DNC, I have been given the task of rounding up a group of volunteers to pick up trash, using pedicabs, from the seven FreeWheelin' Way to Go bike stations in Denver. And let me tell you, it's pretty rad. It's all part of the 1000 Humana/Bikes Belong bikes that are now in place. Here's one of the stations.

This one is by the Convention Center.

Me getting rad on the pedicab. These things are so much fun to ride.

Josh Barker on duty, hitting the station at the Wells Fargo Building. Look at that load. The man could pull a plow through concrete if needed.

Barker shows me how to navigate traffic in the cab. I told him to start trying to squeeze between cars at red lights to see if he could scrape two at a time.

This is one of the volunteers helping me out today. He easily won the award for "Most Suspicious Pedicab Driver." About 10 seconds before this photo was taken, I saw one cop car and two SWAT vans go by me, full sirens, pull him over, jump out of the vehicles, surround him asking him what was in the bags. Apparently they thought he might be hauling bombs down to the FrontierFest that was going on in Sculpture Park. I caught up to him and asked if we should recycle his underwear. We both agreed that they would have to go to the compost bin.

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