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Thread: 4x Velocabs for sale

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    4x Velocabs for sale in London, perfect ad bikes and able to be modified into Ad or cargo bikes.

    Each pedicab has
    1. Hydraulic brakes, front & back
    2. 8 speed shimano hub
    (conversion to 24 is simple with normal cycling components)
    3. Full 12v LED lighting system, which have indicators & running lights.
    4. A Rain canopy, which can be folded when pedicabs are parked on there rear (need less storage space).
    5. Seat belt
    6. Seating for up to 3 normal adults.
    7. Ample storage space under passenger bench.
    8. A full service history from commissioning.

    For more information & pictures please reply to friedel at bugbugs dot com
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    I do not recommend to post an email address here. Spiders are scanning all forums / the internet searching for email addresses and they will be usually added to spam lists.

    To avoid spam in your inboxi it would be better to write your email like
    friedel (at) bugbugs dot com or something like this.

    Good luck with the sale
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