Yes, yes, we do need some rules. This is not so much for now, but
for later when it becomes a massive community . Anyway:

1. No Spam - I don't want any of this. You'll be warned, but
after you keep spamming, it will be ban time.

2. No rasiscm/cursing - None of this either. Never curse another
member, or be rasist to someone else. You will be banned.

3. No illegal activity - No posting links to illegal sites. No illegal attachs to your post. We will ban you forever from this site!!!!

4. No pornophraphic material. Any links will be removed. No "Make money fast" posts. We will delete it.

5. Double posts - Not getting a reply is annoying. Bumping is allowed. Just make sure you dont over do it.

6. No pointless posts - No more cheap attemtps to get post
counts. In the newbie room - say Hi, then move on. Unless you have
something useful to say, don't say it, only be dumb in trash can.

7. Use Common sense - You know what to do, and what not to do.
Use your common sense.

Thanks for respecting the rules