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Thread: Greetings from the great white north

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    Default Greetings from the great white north

    A friend of mine and I were discussing starting a rickshaw "business" in our home town, we both already have full-time jobs so we were basically going to run nights and weekends, catering to alcoholics and tourists (basically the same people). When I was in Portland I noticed that there were people running rickshaws on a tip only basis, is that one way around the insurance/licensing issues since you are not actually getting hired to ferry people around? Since this is going to be done as a hobby not a business simplicity is preferred.
    As for getting the rickshaws themselves, that is going to be a DIY project, but since I have a full machine shop at home (mills, lathes, presses, gear cutter, plasma cutter, one of each welder) that should not be an issue. I will make sure to post pictures when we get down to the business of construction though.
    Thanks, Jeff

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    First of all a warm welcome to the group and I wish you all the best with your future pedicab business. Sadly 'free' rides will not stop you getting sued if some one gets hurt, as your working for 'hire or reward'. If you want a tried & tested pedicab structure to build at home try the organic engine design BUT it will increase your liability (thats why the big boys have manufacturers liability insurance). In the long run might be cheaper to start with a good 2nd hand pedicab.

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