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    Hi Guys & Gals

    I've just bought a Becak (pronounced Bay-chak) which is an Indonesian peddle powered rickshaw, with :-

    A scary lack of brakes

    single speed (with freewheel)

    dangerous wobble when riding down hills! (and very heavy to push up hills!! )

    I hope to add drum or band brakes to the front wheels (any ideas for a suitable brake?) and electric assist or possibly a temporary 3-5 speed hub with back-peddle brake. And a locking hand-brake.

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    Looks like the rear wheel could be replaced with a downhill MTB wheel with a disc brake mounting from a local bike shop. Get a avid bb7 disc brake, take the whole contraption to a local frame builder and have them weld on a disc brake mount to the frame, and spread and align the rear drop outs to fit the new wheel. While your at it have the same frame builder add a rear derailleur mount to allow for even more gears.

    It's hard to say about the front axle. maybe you can show us some pis of the underside.

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