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Thread: !!Coastal CruZn Pedicab Business for Sale!!

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    Default !!Coastal CruZn Pedicab Business for Sale!!

    Hi community,

    What other kind of business can you officially own and franchise for right around 18,000 that is actually worth a damn?! Our name is CoastalCruZn, LLC and we are offering a turnkey system that will provide you with numerous revenue streams upon conducting minimal market research and a willingness to put in some hard work and effort. Don't like WORKING? Then keep jumping around and looking for different "opportunities" because this one will NOT work for you.

    What are you waiting for!? We are not only offering 4 nearly brand-new Main Street Boardwalk pedicabs (see which retain their value unlike any of the competitors. Additionally, we are willing to get these pedicabs to you FAST (we had to wait over a month to have ours shipped from Boulder, CO) with ALL of the trade secrets that you could ever need to make this business a success. Unfortunately, we have to move to pursue another business QUICKLY and are giving away this business for what we paid for it (not including any sort of margins for the amount of compensation that you will experience).

    If you are a pedicab enthusiast then you should be familiar with our brand (see: Pedicab & Rickshaw Blog Coastal CruZn makes a splash in Ocean City, MD as well as and Twitter). Why not get an instant business with ongoing support (from owners that have been involved with THREE different pedicab businesses as well as many other ventures)? We are vested in seeing you become successful and will do anything in our power to help you!

    Pedicabs have become a staple of many city landscapes and instantly improve the quality of life. Why not operate a thriving, environmentally friendly, unique transportation service that will provide you with a tremendous amount of residual income?


    1. 4 (four) 21 speed Main Street Boardwalk pedicabs that have been used for 3 (three) months in Ocean City, MD. Electric blue in color with tan seats and two have tan canopies. Fully functioning lights (front, back with right/left signals), batteries, leather bench seats with underneath storage compartments, custom bells and custom welded advertising frames. Any other equipment specifics can be found at: Additional inner tubes, tires and other integral parts will be included.

    2. On the back of the pedicabs are custom welded advertising frames that can be used to promote your business or another business! You have now created an immediate revenue stream ASIDE from giving pedicab rides. You are offering a constant moving advertising billboard that can see 10-15+ hours of exposure a day per bike! THIS is where the MONEY is but you HAVE to put in time and effort to make this aspect work for you.

    3. All LLC paperwork signed over in your name with all documentation from the state and IRS included

    4. TWO MILLION dollar insurance coverage including limited, personal and theft liability with a $1000 dollar deductible provided by the Avery Hall Insurance Company

    5. Unique corporate identity including three custom built social networking engines, four different logos, URL-, business cards proofs (we will include 10,000 custom made business cards to start you off), multiple flyers and brochures (we'll have 500 of each ready for you!) for creating agreements with local establishments and an extensive amount of contacts in the industry.

    6. ALL binding employee paperwork including: employee agreement, employee application, sales pitch overview manual and rules and regulations written by a published author and approved by a team of attorneys.

    7. In-depth BPM (Best Practices Manual) which encompasses suggestions for proper scheduling, suggestions for finding, hiring and retaining great employees, pedicab managerial tactics, pedicab maintenance, strategies to secure a physical location, compliance advice AND MORE!

    8. Ongoing consultative mentoring from both owners via IM, email, fax and telephone for as long as you may own the business. We will be here for you before, during and well after the purchase to assist in any manner we can! We have pulled a ton of resources on the industry and have networked extensively to provide a great framework to support your success!

    9. Provide detailed information on how to link several businesses through Coastal CruZn! Example: delivering food for a local pizza shop making BOTH establishments more money. WE'VE DONE IT and we'll teach you how to do it.

    10. The final reason is very simple. This business makes people happy and is absolutely fantastic for the environment. We want to do our part to contribute to lower emissions and this our way of doing it.

    This business HAS to go as and we are willing to provide this at our cost; no more, no less.

    We will be here for you on an ongoing basis so it's time for YOU to take action! Call (301) 512-7391 for more information TODAY. Ask for Brooks. Only serious inquiries need apply. Stop making excuses and start doing something!

    ::::SEALING THE DEAL::::

    We are offering extremely flexible payment options and are open to numerous options.

    Freight will be the responsibility of the new owner(s) in terms of company used for transport, scheduling and safe procurement.
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    I am looking to purchase used cabs; are the cabs for sale? If so please let me know.

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