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Thread: You can't register? Rejected by policy?

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    Default You can't register? Rejected by policy?

    Are your trying to register and getting a error message "Rejected by policy?"

    We are using an anti spam software. The world is getting mad, posting all this V/I/A/G/R/A stuff, getting rich in 5 minutes etc....a lot of automated registrations....unbelievable.

    Our system does verify your username,. your IP, your email etc. - and it could be that you are on the blacklist of "Stop Spam" because of your personal history or the history of your IP.

    If you are blacklisted: It is for any reason. If you think, that you should not be on the black list, please feel free to send us an email via the contact form and give us a good explanation why we should create your account - or much easier: Just talk to your IT administrator.

    Check your IP, email, Username here and find out why you can not register. 99,99 % of the people there are real spammers. If your are one of the 00,01: Send me an email.
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