Pedicab Drivers Could See Tougher Regulations
City Council Set To Review Proposal

POSTED: 10:24 am PDT May 15, 2005
UPDATED: 11:26 am PDT May 15, 2005

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- San Diego city officials are getting complaints from citizens about Pedicabs and the lack of regulations on them.

"There's a certain lack of professional behavior among some of the drivers, not all," said Brad Jacobsen, San Diego's associate traffic engineer.

The city is proposing Pedicabs be regulated by the Metropolitan Transit System, and require drivers to keep track of their fares and destinations.

Pedicab driver Josh Reaves says it would be a "mess" to keep track of fares and destinations.

"There's some nights that you can't really keep track."

Pedicab drivers in the past could have a driver's license from anywhere in the world, but if the new regulations are approved, drivers will be required to have a California driver's license.

Seatbelts for passengers, dress codes and background checks for drivers could be required, NBC 7/39 reported.

A committee will review the proposal on Wednesday.

It will then go to the city council for possible approval.