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Thread: Tips on "hiring" independent contractors?

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    Question Tips on "hiring" independent contractors?

    Hey All,

    I've been meaning to hire up for a long time now so that other young souls can also make money with my pedicabs. I'm wondering how you other operations are doing it?

    Hiring employees is impossible without a ton of money, and would not be cost effective in California. That leaves leasing out our pedicabs to Independent Contractors.

    I have my own liability insurance which covers me and my company. However, I'm told by my company that I'd have to buy another $1500 policy to cover each potential employee/contractor AND get workers compensation insurance. That doesn't make sense to me.


    1. How do you cover your contractor drivers with liability insurance, in case a passenger sues them due to accident? Or does your pedicab umbrella liability insurance cover them too?

    2. Do you pay for workers compensation insurance -- even for ICs?

    Thanks for any and all answers, will keep you updated!


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    The contractors will have to cover themselves.

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