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Thread: insurance for small companies in 2010

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    Default insurance for small companies in 2010

    I posted this on the Yahoo forum as well - I hope it will serve you guys well in the coming year.....
    I just wanted to post a short note up here - I have been trying my hardest to
    find a place where people who own 1, 2 and 3 cabs can buy insurance at a
    reasonable rate. I know its been tough for a lot of small companies and I hope
    this new program will solve some money problems

    I have made an agreement that is available in most states that will give you
    guys an Occurrence based policy with only $1,000.00 deducible and the rates are
    approximately as follows

    1 bike $750.00
    2 bikes $1,200.00
    3 bikes $1,800.00

    I am still finalizing terms but the policies are all with a $1,000,000.00 limit
    with no gaping holes in coverage such as the claims made policies that have run
    rampant nationwide

    If you would like more info, please feel free to email me at

    if you want to go to my website, there is a short form to fill out to give me an
    idea of who you are and where you are located - the URL is - Bridge Insurance Associates - Free Online Quotes!

    Hope this is helpful to all


    Scott B

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    This sounds really great, so now people like us will get atleast some benefit as we are really facing money problems . Scott you are really working hard for us and trying your best whatever you can do, so nice of you.

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