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Thread: lighting on Main Street pedicabs

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    Default lighting on Main Street pedicabs

    I just picked up my brand new Main Street pedicab (green with tan) and I am trying to figure out the multi-switch for the lighting. I understand the directional switch, but what (if anything) are the other two switches on it for?

    Yes, I am a newbie.

    Never Mind. I found the switch for the running lights under the chainguard. what i thought were other switches on the directional switch upon closer inspection turned out to be nothing. I need some sleep, i'm starting to see things!
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    Thumbs up velcome to the night life

    Great to read about a newbies conversion to the trike industry, I hope that Steve from Mainstreet was as cools when he poped over here (London).

    I suppose that you plan to do the night shift in your town/city? If you do then don't expect to make a massive killing first time round & make sure that you take your time to learn the ropes. It took me nearly two weeks to get my income to a survival level.

    Have a look at the LARD site if you want any other rider tips

    Enjoy the road & good luck

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    Thanks. Yes, Steve was very helpful.

    I have viewed the LARD site and will continue to do so, it is very informative.

    I am still hoping to get an example of waivers and rental agreements, but most people will not release theirs for legal reasons. Strange, but understandable with the current conditions in the industry. i guess i will write my own based on some other vehicle rental agreements and other sports-related waivers.

    I will try the night route sometime in June. As I have a full-time job and an additional part-time job, making money is not an immediate concern. if i can pay for my insurance and the pedicab within 1 season I will be very pleased and surprised. i cannot start anything officially until June 7 when my paperwork gets approved by the city (taxi business permits, etc.).

    my garage now contains the Main Street 3-wheeler as well as my 1977 Reliant Robin850 (hence my nick). i seem to have an affinity for 3-wheeled vehicles!

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