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Thread: Hey guys! Experienced rider; destination unknown

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    Default Hey guys! Experienced rider; destination unknown

    Hey My name's Jaime, as the name would suggest, from Canada. Rode for 2 months on Maximus in Edinburgh (yes it ended badly), 9 months on EcoPromo and Maximus in London, 3 months on Manual maximus, Battery maximus, and Main Street in Auckland NZ. Currently hanging out with my mates who are trying to start up pedicabbing in Sydney... It's definitely happening slowly, mostly bewilderment from the public at this point. There's heaps of problems and countless people have told me how fucked I am for trying to start a pedicab community here. But hey, ten years ago they said that in London, right? Anyways for those who know me from london, what's up? You guys hear about the business in Japan?

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    Oi geez! Im the long haired, scruffy lookin, opinionated, foul mooded, tatooed, old skool rickshaw runnin - ridin, seldom sober mother fooker from Bug Bugs back in London. You could ave given me a bit of notice that you were fookin off, I would ave poured a bottle of cheap booze down yer neck, fooker. Hope all is well mate and dont let any of them roo rooters give you shit bout that fookin hair cut you gots!

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