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Thread: Liability insurance for the UK 2010. Help needed

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    Default Liability insurance for the UK 2010. Help needed

    I am currently in the process of trying to set up a small pedicab business in my town. If my licensing goes through without to many problems I plan to start with just two pedicabs. Ive had a problem finding a quote for liability insurance for these but need one before I can submit my business plan. If anyone has any pointers of any kinda please contact me.

    Thanks Sam

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    Well I've been through the mill with this so here are my main pointers. It took me four years to get past the council here so here are a few things that helped me on the way.
    Make friends with local taxi drivers and portray that you will be doing shoter trips than taxi's and there for very un-lickly to be compertition.
    You will be an ade to inner city transport and happy to direct people or transport them to taxi ranks should they require a longer journy.
    Tell the council you would train your riders to ctc level three if needed and are happy to have council safty officers check your bikes.
    Keep your storage cost ton a minimum a small garage is fine.
    If the council are worried about your town becoming over crowded like London, suggest a cap on the number of lisences issued to stop this from happening.
    Also if they are conserned about how you will charge suggest that a price is agreed at the start of the journy for which a recipt is given. That is then the amount paid at the end of the ride, this will help stop arguments at the end of the journy.
    Talk to local small business at first about advertising to bring in extra funds.
    Show the cfouncil a list of all the coutries and citys that have pedicabs suggesting that your town will be behind the times should they not have a Pedicab service in there city.
    A personal one for me that I know some London guys will disagree with but, I liked to keep my fairs nice and low to incurage regular use, I always got extra in tips but the customer never felt ripped off and in small towns or citys this stops the " rip off " rumours about your bikes getting started, that one is your call.
    Park insurance offer great public liability insurance. Think you need to speak to Scot there and he will sort you out.
    Last of all enjoy the job and chat with your customers they really do empty money from there pockets at the end of the ride if they have had a good laugh.
    Hope this helps.

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