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Thread: STOLEN 1 VELOCAB ( old bug bugs )

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    Default STOLEN 1 VELOCAB ( old bug bugs )

    Our one of rickshaw has been stolen from Lecister Square, in front of Mc Donalds at 12.30 am 3 October 2010.

    This old kind of Velocab, silver color, Plate Number Nico 62.

    If any one seen it or heard about it please let me know .

    Sevban Oz

    M : 0789 420 2525 E :

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    has been stolen from Lecister Square, in front of Mc Donalds at 12.30 am
    Leaving your rickshaw unlocked is stupid to say the least but to leave it unlocked infront of maccy dees in Lecister Sq. is just retarded. the CPSM index is high enough at the best of times but goes through the roof at the weekend.

    A few years back I sat and watched as one rider from Traditional Rickshaws left his bike unlocked infront of Neros on Old Compton St. He went in, got a cup of coffee and sat in the window and watched as some drunk got on his rickshaw and drove it into a row of parked motorbikes causing them to fall on there sides like dominoes.

    About 4 months ago I saw a rider leave his shaw unlocked in Covent Garden. It was nicked in less than 2 minutes! The expression on the guys face when he came back was priceless.

    Guys,you wouldent leave your regular bike unlocked, why leave your rickshaw unlocked?
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