Hello everyone!
I find myself obbliged to get the car out of the garage to take my 3 children (yes, I've done my bit to help raise Italy's low birth rates!) to school in the mornings before going on to work - a trip of about 5 kms in total.
I happened to see a rickshaw bike outside a Chinese restaurant in Caserta and thought "what a good idea!".
Just one small problem, Agropoli has some inclines and I'm no Lance Armstrong!
So the idea is to build a power-assisted rickshaw bike with a 250 watt electric motor to help me in those "difficult moments".
Since deciding upon this enterprise a couple of weeks ago, I've posted a video appeal for help on an alternative energy site.


I've also posted on a solar energy site as I saw a rickshaw bike with a solar roof, which, considering I live in the south of Italy, could be interesting!

I've also posted on a very good Italian electric bike forum, whose first advice was to use a "central motor" to get the most out of the meagre 250 watts.

Finally I found the pedicabforum. I have read some of the threads and realised that this is the place to be!

I hope you can help me - I'd really like to hear from people who already use electric assist rickshaw bikes, their experiences and advice, especially anyone who has built their own. What motors, wheels, gears to use etc.
I'm not against the idea of modifying an existing rickshaw bike, it's just that the prices are a bit prohibitive (single salary, four hungry mouths to feed, plus 2 cats etc). On the other hand I am an extremely good scrounger. I have taken part in all 4 Red Bull events in Italy creating some fun vehicles on a shoestring budget!

Anyway I will copy and paste this message in the Rickshaw Builders Corner category which seems more appropriate!

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks! Can't wait to get rid of the car!