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Thread: Cycles Maximus Working Business to sell or Bikes

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    Thumbs up Cycles Maximus Working Business to sell or Bikes

    Selling the Business or bike by bike Cycles Maximus, we are to leave the country and want to sell my working bussines or bike by bike, we have 10 Maximus Bikes in great working condition rented at £45 a week, all are in good working order with full service history from new. All pedicabs being sold are still in daily use & are in ood working order, before pickup all used pedicabs get a complete check over to ensure this, though we still sell 'as seen' without any warranty.

    Each pedicab has
    1. Hydraulic brakes at the back and front
    2. 24 speed gears sram parts
    3 Cyclesmaximus originals (for more detail brand info visit:
    4. A full rain cover.
    5. Seat belt
    6. Passenger grab rail and easy access step.
    7. Seating for up to 3x adults.
    8. Ample storage space under passenger bench.
    9. A full service history from commissioning.

    All pedicabs are located in London.

    Prices vary from £2000 to £2500 per rickshaw all included.

    To see more pics:



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    Hey, that's my 'pixi blanket' on your cycle maximus - Red with yellow tufts, did you also nick my axel stand?

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    Default Hola Pedro

    Im interested to buy 1 maximus,in good condicion,tell me about to send it to Amsterdam, and please send me photos i want old tipe,reinforced in the midel,no important color ,brakes an rain cover ,i can pay

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