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Thread: Repainting Main Street cabs

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    Default Repainting Main Street cabs


    As we're now getting into the "slow season," I'm looking at repainting our cabs. This is due in part to having two yellow cabs and two white cabs, and I'd like them to be the same color. The two yellow cabs are Main Street- one Broadway and one Classic.

    The Broadway looks simple enough to prep, but the classic looks a bit more difficult due to some molding along the armrests and such. Does anyone have some tips for prepping these cabs for painting? How about the actual painting- tips on paint type, etc?

    Thanks a lot!

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    TIP: Never paint fiberglass. It will always look bad sooner or later. Paint is harder than the gelcoat on a pedicab. it will chip off and look like crud quickly.

    Look over here for info on how to get your cab to look new:

    So shine it up, then trade it to some one that has the color that you want. Then shine that one up too. Then you have pretty bikes all the same color and every one is happy.

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