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Thread: 2011 Pedillac for sale East of the Mississippi

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    I know where Canadastan is as that's where I am from. The OP could have been talking bout the north of the US being from GA, a southern state so thats why I wanted a bit of clarification. Anyway pedicabs are not new to Canada. There was a company in T.O. when I started running way back in the early 90's called First Class Pedicab. They ran a fleet of 20 pedicabs and 20 runners. I cant remember the make of pedicab but they were good looking rigs complete with FM stereo and tape deck. I think there was a fella in Victoria with pedicabs called Kabooki Kabs or something like that a while back. He wes trying to sell his company on here a while back. We had 6 MS in T.O. about 7 years ago though these fellas were elbowed out of the game by the runners at the time. I believe there are electrically assisted pedal contraptions on the road in T.O. these days though I would not count them as rickshaws nor pedicabs as they are motorized.

    Knox insurance outta North Bay was insuring runners about 10 years ago and probably still do, give em a call and let us know how you get on.
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    Thanks B.N., for the info.
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