5 Used Custom Boardwalk Main Street Pedicabs with Canopies for Sale ---- $6,500 Total

Prices are FINAL !!!

I have 5 used Custom Boardwalk Main Street Pedicabs for sale. Only the main body was made in New York City and the rest of the parts are all from Main Street. The pedicabs are in perfect running condition. They all just passed the New York City inspection.

The pedicabs come with canopies.

Here are the prices if you do not want to buy 5 of them at once.

1 Main Street Boardwalk Pedicab : $1,700

2 Main Street Boardwalk Pedicabs : $3,300

3 Main Street Boardwalk Pedicabs : $4,800

4 Main Street Boardwalk Pedicabs : $6,000

5 Main Street Boardwalk Pedicabs : $6,500

Pick Up in New York City only.

If you insist on me shipping the pedicabs, the pedicabs are sold AS IS. No refund. No exceptions.

If you want to see the pictures of the pedicabs, text me your email address. My phone number is (212) 961-7435.

If you need more information about the pedicabs, you can give me a call. If you can not reach me, leave me a voice-mail with your name and your phone number.

Once again, Prices are FINAL !!!

Contact Ibrahim at (212) 961-7435.