I have loved operating this pedicab but had to discontinue for reasons unrelated to its elegance. It is a four-wheeled, fully canopied pedal surrey enabling up to two to pedal in front and up to three to sit in back. It is wonderful for a solo pedicab operator because it enables you to pick up foursomes without having to search for another pedicab. It really draws customers, and at least one from a group is usually eager to pedal. Works best in flat areas because of weight. For non-flat areas, I can also offer components of an electric assist motor system, or if you prefer, you could purchase your own components separately, say from Main Street Pedicabs. I can also offer Lexan advertising placards, for eye-catching advertisements, to place around the canopy at a negotiable price. (I paid about $1000 to have them custom-made). For further questions, please call Eric at 100_3585.jpg100_3604.jpg(U. S. Central time zone) 314-773-6227.