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Thread: Wanted: Manual used Pedicab to buy in Europe

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    Question Wanted: Manual used Pedicab to buy in Europe

    I'm looking for a manual (no electric) Pedicab to buy in Europe. I'm currently in Amsterdam but will collect the bicycle wherever it is. It should be strong, reliable and not too expensive - less than 2000 Euros incl. transport costs for me (will drive it back but if it is in GB I have to pay the ferry).... Prefered even lower price as I am on a tight budget. I know how to cut transport costs and live cheap so don't worry even if you're in Italy or Spain, I like to travel.

    Please make me an offer with good description and high resolutions photographs... I'll pay cash and won't negotiate the price if you give me correct information about the components and necessary work to be done on the rickshaw (but a better price makes you get better chances to sell it).

    If got experience in driving f* electrical ones and have a lot of cycling experience, please don't lie about the offer as it will result in not buying it on the spot. No bank transfers, cash only, in exchange. Only frames with serial, I don't want stolen ones.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Nice to see you want a proper rig instead of something fitted with a gimp hub. If you buy cheap you will buy twice. Take care when buying though as there are a lot of cheap Asian made knock off rigs out there, mostly from China amd Turkey. Tdayuk, a poster here and The Big Boss Man at Bug Bugs in London might be able to help.
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