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Thread: Moving to NYC soon and need some pedicabbing info/advice :)

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    Talking Moving to NYC soon and need some pedicabbing info/advice :)

    Hello, i will be moving to New York soon and would really like to be a pedicabber (at least for a few months) and i have a lot of questions. Actually, i have all the questions. If you can, i would very much appreciate answers (to these or better questions that i forgot to ask).

    Oh yeah, i should probably mention that i have pedicabbed before. It was in the fall/winter in Eugene, Oregon on a janky old single-speed pedicab. So i am not a total novice, but i am definitely a NYC novice. Also, i have a very good sense of direction. Also i am a girl. Make with that information what you may.

    -what should i expect as a newbie?
    -how difficult is it to get started?
    -how _do_ i get started?
    -is it better to rent a pedicab as an individual or join a company?
    -what are typical rental costs?
    -are the cabs rented per day or per hour or per ___?
    -i know this one is a hard question to answer, but what sort of average do pedicabbers make? (i know while i am new i won't be making as much)
    -can one reasonably subsist off of what you make as a pedicabber? (in Eugene it was not possible)
    -how many hours/day does one typically work?
    -what/where/etc is a good starting market?
    -is central park an okay place to start? (i not super excited about dealing w car traffic and it would be nice to not deal w drunken people for a change)
    -do the bikes have gears? (please say yes please say yes)
    -are there any female pedicabbers out there who could offer relevant female-related advice?

    That is it for now. Thank you so much for your time and help!

    ps: anecdotes are always welcome!
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    I would like to see some answers from the NYC crew myself.
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