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Thread: London Rickshaw/Pedicab License

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    Default London Rickshaw/Pedicab License

    We await in the new October/November the bill which the Law commission propose which will regulate the London Pedicabs.

    The commission have received a number of submissions and these make interesting reading

    It's very long, so get a cup of coffee and a head rest

    You will also be able to read on our news feed Bugbugs Media Ltd - London's first pedicab company. plan to do about it - forgive me this cheap plug but we now feed our wordpress stuff and I will need to work out with Trixi how we can do that here.

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    As I understand it it is just the report that comes out at the end of the year. Any new laws will be a while in coming. It would be nice for them to rush something through parliament for next season but that ain't gonna happen. The taxi guys will fight this tooth and nail. That said, PH is licensed and look at what a mess that is.
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    "forgive me this cheap plug but we now feed our wordpress stuff."

    tikki tikki - London's first pedicab company to tell Friedal that he's doing a stand up job.

    Tikki Tikki the oldest pedicab company jokes are the best
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