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Thread: Comparing manufacturers

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    Ahhh Mr TikTik, as always errors are crawling (you really should get a job with the LTDA), wrong name for the rider, one week for observation (she did bash her head) and the road was resurfaced after just two months ....... so must have been a reason.
    20mm is the width of my thumb, 20mm on a tape measure and just 2/3 short of the 60mm clearance either side of the wheel and the width of the space for your brain

    Never taken 5hrs to remove 4x bolts but thank you for 'thinking' you were watching (toooo much tripping or beer drinking) and I've seen a few bent chassi for an EcoTaxi, many a folded wheel. If you know anything about wheels (I know you might not), then 48h SAS Combat DownHill rims will always beat the 36h Radelli special

    Still 15 years comp-aired to your ?? days as a 'professional' operator xx

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    Ohh come on lads, Russ and Freddy can you please stop going on each other . FYI we use now 3 types of rims, SAS 24" 48h , Radelli 23" and heavy duty Awina which in fact almost undestroyable. Can do any choice for everybody taste. And BTW you know you did not see any of genuine chassis bent unless it was a Turkish knockoff copy

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