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Thread: Manufacturers from Turkey

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    Default Manufacturers from Turkey

    I'm looking for Turkey rickshaw manufacturers. Can someone help me with contacts?

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    As far as I know there aren't any Turkish manufacturers. I do know that someone from Turkey copied the Ecotaxi and called it a Speedy cab. The speedy cab was a terrible copy, the frames were not welded straight, they used heavier metal, dampers split and the carriages fell off the back, the paint rusted off very quickly, you couldn't rent them to riders because they were so heavy because of unaligned bearings - they were just terrible.

    When in London, I was also appalled by the copied parts that were being sold by the Turkish, some axles I saw that had been copied to fit a cycles maximus were made from toffee metal and quickly broke at the differential. Copied rims for the ecotaxi again sold by the Turkish were the wrong size and tyres would pop of the rims frustrating the riders and most shockingly I saw copied big magura brakes with hoses that would leak and unseal - very dangerous.

    I have nothing against the Turkish - I just wouldn't buy anything from them.

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