Pedicab Operator and Shift Manager

Seeking responsible, professional, motivated, and energetic individual to join a mature seasonal business as a full-time pedicab operator and part time shift manager. The business is located in Provincetown, MA and operates from mid-May till the end of October. Management position runs from early June until Labor Day.

Ideal candidate will have:
- excellent customer service skills
- ability to manage and work with a large team
- flexible schedule
- excellent communication skills
- bicycle mechanic skills
- good fitness and endurance

- passing pedicab operator's training program
- riding 4-6 shifts per week (there are two shifts per day)
- picking up and dropping off passengers
- riding between 20-60 miles per shift
- working with fellow team members
- promoting the business and soliciting passengers
- managing 3+ days per week (usually coinciding with riding shifts)
- performing on-road repairs when necessary
- acting as shift leader and dispatcher
- managing special events, personnel issues, and on-road
repairs when necessary
- perfoming morning shop duties and mechanical checks

Benefits include:
- getting paid well to work out
- learning the operation of a mature and successful pedicab business
- opportunity for ownership position in the company

Job Description:
Candidate will ride 4 to 7 pedicab shifts per week. There are two shifts per day, running from noon to 6PM, and 6PM to 2AM. Candidate will also act as shift manager 3+ days per week. Management shifts can (and should) coincide with riding shifts. Management duties include opening the shop, performing morning maintenance, paperwork, and handling phone messages. During shifts, manager will be responsible for coordinating other pedicab operators, organizing special events, enforcing operator guidelines, and overseeing shift changes. A flexible schedule is a must, as management shifts will rotate weekly. We are seeking a candidate who wants to WORK. Longer term, there is an opportunity for an ownership position in the company.

What you make as a rider depends on you. You give a percentage of what you make to lease the pedicab for each shift. Management shifts pay $100 / day (covering both day and night shift). Mechanic and other labor pay $15 / hr.

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